Pure Sight & Sound Inc. serves Stroudsburg with surround sound system design, installation, and consulting services to both the residential and commercial marketplace.

  • Home Theater Design & Construction
  • New Construction pre-wiring & setup for audio / video / security / surveillance / whole-house vacuum
  • Audio Video furniture & equipment racks
  • GrandCare systems, providing comfort & communication for families of elderly/disabled people & their loved ones
  • House of Worship Audio/Video Design & Installation
  • “Smart Home” automated systems including Lighting, HVAC control, security, and of course audio/video control.

We’re the first (and we believe, only) company in the USA with the “Grandma Guarantee”. Ask about it.

Discover the joys and wonders of your own home theater

Just imagine how owning your own Home Theater can change your life:

  • You’ll spend more time with your family. No more discussions about who goes where, and how you never get to do things as a family anymore.
  • You’ll create an oasis away from the stress and pressures of everyday life. On Turner Classic Movies, guest Donald Trump recently said that his own Home Theater provides much-needed two-hour breaks from the burdens of his demanding schedule. What works for Donald Trump can work for you and your family.
  • You’ll introduce yourself again to your teenage children. And while you’re at it, you’ll (finally) get to meet their friends.
  • You’ll make a hit with your neighbors and friends. Plan special film parties for your family, friends, and neighbors. Think about the endless possibilities … a Star Wars bash, an Alfred Hitchcock retrospective, a Clint Eastwood film celebration.

We love commercial and House of Worship projects… from a simple TV in the corner of a veterinary or chiropractic office all the way to a surround sound system in your Stroudsburg church or remote-controlled cameras in your local cathedral.

Our Stroudsburg surround sound system and smart home team are experts in the latest technology, and will work with you to determine the very best system that fits your budget.

We are not committed to any one manufacturer who forces us to meet quotas… we work with you to decide the best balance of performance & cost that is suitable for you. We will never, ever try to jam one manufacturer’s product down your throat because we have to meet a sales quota with them.

  • Systems for Elderly/Disabled — GrandCare
  • Speakers — Gallo Acoustics, Totem Acoustics, TruAudio, Triad, Sonance, Energy and others
  • Receivers / Amps — Integra, Denon, Onkyo, Yamaha, Sunfire
  • Furniture — Standout Designs
  • Whole House Sound/Lighting/Automation/Vacuum — Elan, Lutron, HAI, OnQ, Electrolux/Eureka
  • Wiring / Interconnects — Wire World Audio, Belkin, ICE
  • Satellite Services
  • Power Conditioning / Surge Protection / Energy Savings — Stediwatt
  • Remote Controls — Philips, URC, Logitech
  • Projection / Presentation Products — Panasonic, Sharp, NEC, InFocus, Mitsubishi, Da-Lite, Toshiba, and the incredible Blue Ocean screens
  • Structured Wiring — ICE, Belkin

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